Good GCSE results for Pip and a good anniversary for Alan and Usha.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha camp it up with the neighbours.

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  • Today the GCSE results are to be announced and Pip is convinced she has done badly.
  • Robert is also apprehensive, convinced that Alan and Usha would prefer to spend their first wedding anniversary (that’s their first first wedding anniversary, they have another) alone rather than walking with him and Lynda. But Lynda is so knowledgeable about the wildlife that they all enjoy it.
  • As they await Pip’s call, Jill reports that someone has tidied and now replanted the Memorial Garden. Strange! Also there is a new family competition in the Flower & Produce Show that she wants to enter: 5 items related to bees.
  • Having well-equipped neighbours means that Alan and Usha can toast their anniversary with ice in their drinks. But there is a storm brewing and that might interfere with Alan’s banquet on a single burner.
  • Eventually Pip reports that she has done better than she feared: an A in biology; how did that happen? However she has spent the afternoon trying to convince Izzy that she should continue with her education, rather than get a job stacking shelves. College will not be the same for Pip without her best friend.
  • It’s just a shower. It will soon pass. Ha! A tremendous thunderclap sends the campers running for cover. They are not empty-handed; Alan’s simmering pot of special vegetable pilau is big enough to share and the Snells are pleased to help out.

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