Ambridge’s thespians rise to the occasion.

Radio Times: Lynda suffers first night nerves.

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  • Lynda and Robert rehearse the cow routine one last time before curtain up. Lynda is understandably tense, and concerned that Mike’s improvisations will wreck her show.
  • Joe’s visit to Alf has not been a success; they had nothing to say to each other. He wishes Alf had met someone like Clarrie; he couldn’t wish for a better daughter-in-law. Clarrie is touched, but when Joe tells her that William still carries a torch for Emma, she doesn’t agree. Nor does she agree that Nic is a lovely girl…
  • The panto gets underway, and is a rip-roaring success. Mike’s ad-libs meet with rapturous applause, Alistair’s technical effects work splendidly and everyone is word-perfect. The only problem is Lynda’s hair, which has to be cut to free her from the cow costume. Ambridge has never seen anything like Jack and the truly amazing Borsetshire beanstalk.

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