An April Fool’s joke and Jill can’t accept Shula’s decision.

Radio Times: Jill struggles to accept the truth and Lynda makes a new friend

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  • George and Jake have been squabbling all weekend. Jake has taken the back wheel off George’s bike and replaced it with the front wheel from Keira’s bike. Will thinks it is just an April fool’s joke, but Emma thinks it is more serious.
  • Later, Ed puts the wheel back on Keira’s bike. Emma isn’t happy that nobody consulted her about Will and the kids moving in to Grange Farm, but Ed seems quite relaxed about it. Emma is worried that the kids will be at war with each other.
  • Lynda is out walking the dog of one of her guests, but she’s not keen to get another dog herself to replace Scruff.
  • Emma offers to make Will a fry-up. She’s concerned that Jake and Mia coming to stay has upset George. Will says that this is just what brothers do, right Ed?
  • Jill talks to Alan about Shula. She regrets not having seen the signs of her and Alistair not getting on. Jill was married for 52 years, she can’t understand why Shula is giving up so easily on her marriage as Alistair still loves her. She can’t accept that Shula has made the right decision.

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