Jim brings an Egg, and Shula chats with her sister.

Radio Times: Jim wants answers and Emma feels the pressure

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  • Jim calls round to The Stables to wish his family a happy Easter, and to deliver a chocolate egg from Underwoods. Shula is surprised that Alistair hasn’t yet told his father that she and Alistair have separated, Jim thought it was just temporary.
  • Emma is glad of the chance to escape from Grange Farm by attending the Easter Bonnet Parade with the children. Elizabeth is sympathetic to the awkward position she finds herself in, with her ex living in the same house.
  • Jim feels aggrieved that he’s the last one to know what has happened between Shula and Alistair. He asks Alistair what he’s done to cause them to split up. Alistair is unable to explain it
  • Shula, who has come to the Easter Parade to get out of the house for a bit, finds her sister and discusses the breakup of her marriage. She still cares about Alistair and feels guilty for hurting him. Having changed the subject, Elizabeth reveals that Freddie is going to have a gap year but won’t be going to university. He’ll be going to South Africa to meet up with Noluthando, to do some voluntary work saving elephants.
  • Jim asks Alistair if there is someone else in Shula’s life. He offers his son the use of the futon in his spare/piano room, if he feels the need to get away. However, Alistair declines, as he wants to stay, he’s not given up hope.

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