Neil has a new office, and Will gets a visit from the law.

Radio Times: Will jumps to conclusions and Rex slips up

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  • Susan is impressed that Neil has his own office, next door to the rest of the office staff, and that he has a view of the site. She is very impressed that Neil will be involved in the interviewing of staff for the unit.
  • Will is positively shifty when Harrison turns up, in uniform, saying that he’s spoken with Ed. However, Harrison only wants to ask if Will is ready to play cricket this season. Harrison explains that he is only wearing his uniform as he is on his way to work
  • Rex has been busy putting up pig-proof fencing at Hollowtree. Neil is teaching him how to feed the pigs when Rex slips over and drops his clipboard in the mud, ruining his notes.
  • At home, Will asks Clarrie if she’d look after the kids if he wasn’t there. She thinks he is talking about “doing something stupid” but he’s clearly worried about the police finding out that he knew that Nic ran Matt down, and helped Nic to keep it quiet.
  • Over a pint, Rex wonders if Toby has the right idea. Perhaps he isn’t cut out to be a farmer and should try something else. Neil reassures him that he has the making of a pigman. Harrison turns up, complaining about the last of enthusiasm for cricket from the team. Even Alistair has said he won’t be able to play or coach this season. Rex tells them that he’s heard that Alistair and Shula may have marriage problems. Adam is too busy to play cricket too.

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