Helen gets some ideas, and Pat has lunch with Olwen.

Radio Times: The stress begins to pile up on Adam

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  • Helen’s latest cheese making course wasn’t very popular, only one person wanted to attend, so she cancelled. Ian thinks that she should look further afield, and gives her plenty of good advice on how to develop her business. Ian is excited about the “transfer” next week, he and Adam will be attending. Helen is cheerful after her chat with Ian, she’s got plenty of ideas on how to develop her business further.
  • Henry and Jack have been to the play centre with Pat when she sees Olwen. Pat invites Olwen to a café to have a chat about “the old days”.
  • Adam is very busy doing all the Home Farm paperwork, too busy to have some venison pie. Brian seems to be extremely disinterested in helping. Adam is also worried about the upcoming BL board meeting when the contract with Home Farm will be discussed.
  • Olwen has been a protester since the Greenham Common days. She’s had to change jobs many times, often due to speaking up. After leaving her last job, she was also thrown out by her partner, and had to start living in her car, which is why she ended up at The Elms.
  • Jennifer tells Lilian about Brian retiring from managing the farm, and how badly Brian has taken it. He’s even sleeping in the spare room.
  • Adam is home late due to work. He never appreciated how much paperwork Brian had to do. People keep ringing up asking to speak with Brian. He is telling them that Brian is having an Easter break, but for how long? Ian has seen Lexi, and she is excited about the transfer next week.

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