Will gets the wrong end of the stick again, and Brian feel betrayed.

Radio Times: Ed is falsely accused. Jennifer is at her wits’ end

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  • Will is going to stay at Grange Farm for another few weeks, which Emma grudgingly accepts. Clarrie is very worried about him.
  • Will is delighted to be asked to stay on at Grange Farm. He feels reassured that the kids are somewhere they will be looked after.
  • While discussing Will, Ed and Emma are talking about Jake and Mia making a mess at Grange Farm. Emma doesn’t understand why Ed is taking Will’s side as he and Will used to be at each other’s throats. They then talk about Adam at Home Farm, how busy he is etc. Emma says that it must be Brian’s fault that there are chemicals in the ground there and that he is to blame. Will walks in unexpectedly, thinking that they are discussing him. Will stands up for Brian, as usual.
  • After Emma leaves, Will says that he thought that Ed had told Emma about Nic, and perhaps even Harrison. Ed says that he was very drunk the other night and that he can’t remember anything of that evening. He recommends that Will can’t remember anything either.
  • When Brian gets home, he’s still in a bad mood. He’s even making himself a cup of tea. Jennifer asks what Brian is going to say at the BL board meeting, but Brian is not keeping his card close to his chest. Brian says that Jennifer is just playing the part of the caring wife, but that she has now betrayed him.

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