Alistair and Shula don’t see eye to eye, and BL have a board meeting.

Radio Times: Brian puts on a show and Alistair makes a shock decision

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  • Alistair wants to have a ‘proper conversation’ over breakfast. He suggests counselling, but Shula dismisses it as nothing is going to rekindle her love for him, it is too late. Shula wants to discuss the practical implications, such as their businesses sharing the same premises. Alistair storms off, to go and stay with his dad.
  • Jill can’t believe that Shula could treat Alistair so badly. Shula struggles to explain, but she simply doesn’t love him anymore. It is time for some new adventures.
  • Having announced that he is standing down as chair at the start of the BL board meeting, Brian hopes that Annabelle will be the next chair. Adam thanks Brian for having taught him almost everything he knows. In private, Brian tells Adam that he did what he did to protect the farm, not to help Adam

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