Adam is not convinced that Brian has had a change of heart; things look grim for Alistair.

Radio Times: Life proves difficult for Alistair and Adam continues to be overwhelmed

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  • Ian finds Adam downstairs, drowning in a sea of Home Farm administration. It was always Brian’s job to look after the cereal contracts. Now it’s down to Adam and Brian’s made his position perfectly clear. Adam is persona non grata. Ian decides to take charge and starts to pack the laptop away. They are going out for a walk, whatever happens.
  • Alistair is woken by his father rummaging around looking for his keyboard. Having thoroughly ruined his morning lie-in, Jim suggests that he should go back to sleep. A deed easier said than done, as Jazzer enters the fray by discussing who should get the veggies for dinner. Alistair can take no more and decides to get them himself. At least it will be quieter that way.
  • Tom meets Adam and Ian on their walk and congratulates Adam on taking over at Home Farm. He’s spoken Brian who apparently all in favour of the change and is looking forward to Adam taking over. As Tom leaves Ian comments that Brian may have had a change of heart, perhaps he really does welcome the power change. Adam is very far from being convinced.
  • Jazzer chats with Tom about the apparent situation facing Shula and Alistair. Tom is absolutely certain that there isn’t a chance of a divorce, no way. As Tom prepares to leave, Jazzer suggests that a raise may be in order as he is getting less help with the pigs as the weeks go by. Tom is very clear, Jazzer has his role and Tom has his. There isn’t the slightest chance of a pay increase. Tom’s the boss after all. He roars off on his bike leaving a very unhappy Jazzer in his wake.
  • Adam’s very nervous about Brian’s apparent change of heart but Ian tries to convince him to look on the bright side. They meet Alistair, and Ian puts his foot in it by asking if Jim’s OK, as he’s seen Alistair’s car there for a couple of nights. Alistair manages to bluff his way out of a tricky situation but Ian unwittingly persists, suggesting that Shula will be glad to have him back home. Alistair manages to escape, leaving Ian and Adam to ponder the events of next Thursday.
  • Returning to Greenacres, Alistair is cajoled into letting Jim practice in his bedroom and finds himself preparing dinner with Jazzer. The subject of Jim’s piano teacher comes up. Jazzer reckons that she has the hots for her pupil. Alistair is aghast at the thought but worse is to come. Jazzer suggests that as they are now three virtually single men living in the same pad… well, what’s to do. Alistair protests that he’s only three weeks away from being told that his marriage is over. Jazzer will hear none of it. Perhaps he could find one of the lassies from his milk round for his friend. Alistair is not best pleased.

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