The situation at Grange Farm is becoming more strained ; Freddie’s attitude to work may be set to change ; Shula’s attitude to her marriage breakup is becoming increasingly public.

Radio Times: Will’s behaviour causes concern

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  • Freddie shares his plans with Shula and Lily. His trip to South Africa to see Noluthando, their working with an elephant charity and then on to India, Thailand and Australia. Shula feels that it’s a wonderful plan but counsels against neglecting his A-levels, they will give him options in the future. Lily agrees. As Shula leaves, she mentions that he shouldn’t waste his freedom. They are both perplexed by the lack of a mention of Alistair. With that, Freddie mysteriously leaves… he has something to attend to.
  • Clarrie complains to Emma about George’s behaviour. Emma agrees that he’s been a right pest recently. He’s created havoc with some glitter this morning, leaving her to clean it up. Clarrie offers to help but she refuses. Apparently, Will is taking the children to the burial ground again and Clarrie finds it worrying. Emma has decided to keep out and let Will grieve as he sees fit. He needs the chance.
  • Freddie is on the phone with Ellis, his drug supplier. He insists that he’s not avoiding him but has been busy. Freddie finds that he’s parked up and he can’t avoid speaking in person. Ellis wants to renew their business relationship but Freddie has other ideas, especially as it was Ellis’ drugs that caused Noluthando’s overdose. He tries every form of coercion that he can lay his hands on but Freddie stays firm. Just then Lily appears and gives him the heave-ho, but not before he aims a final barb at her brother. He’s a complete joke and as far as everyone’s concerned, he always will be.
  • Clarrie meets Shula at the shop and enquires about the family. She’s pleased to hear that the whole Grundy family are being supportive. Clarrie talks of rumours, especially at church, about Shula and Alistair and wonders if they’re true. She’s dismayed to learn from Shula that they are. However, it was a mutual decision and she’s sure that they’ll both survive.
  • Freddie has a heart to heart with Lily. Ellis only wanted to have a party, nothing more. But he was hurt by his accusations, especially that people at college thought he was a waste of space. Lily encourages him to prove them wrong by buckling down to his A-level studies and being successful. It’s still not too late.
  • At Grange Farm, Clarrie explains to Emma how removed from reality she had found Shula. However, Emma has her own problems to contend with. Jake has bundled the glittery washing into the machine and absolutely everything has been smothered in the stuff. She complains bitterly, saying that she’s fed up with everything. Clarrie accuses her of lacking sympathy, especially in the current circumstances. Calming down, Emma agrees that a bit of glitter is not the end of the world. She’ll manage to sort it somehow.

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