Anisha is off to Newmarket and an unexpected visitor is coming to stay.

Radio Times: Life in Ambridge …

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  • Alistair has a hangover having come in late last night. Shula thinks he was with Lavinia, but he says he wasn’t but that he slipped up but she doesn’t want to know.
  • Alistair comes along just after Anisha has left, giving Shula an invoice for the work he has done for her over the last three months.
  • Toby chats with Jill about Pip and Rosie and invited him to the family party to celebrate Shula and Kenton’s 60th birthday party. He is happy to be invited.
  • Anisha is ready to go and tells Rex not to feel bad about deciding to stay. At the stables, Anisha puts Missy into a horsebox but Alistair isn’t around, he must be busy with a patient.
  • While having some tea with Jill at Brookfield, Toby and Rex chat about Anisha leaving. Toby is being very attentive to Rosie, but is reluctant to answer a call on his phone.
  • On the phone, Toby tell the caller that he is looking forward to seeing him soon, but Rex is wondering where he will stay as there is no room at the bungalow. Jill return, having changed Rosie’s nappy, and there is a sudden silence. Rex tells Jill that Robin is coming to stay!

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