Harrison reveals a shady past and Robin manages to offend

Radio Times: An arrival ruffles feathers

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  • On his way to ring for the morning service, Chris encounters Toby, who is hoping to buy something alcoholic that will meet with his father’s approval. Chris, still worried about his Best Man’s speech, asks Toby for help, but draws a blank here. Jill then meets them, on her way to church, and asks Toby what time Robin is expected. She sounds less than pleased that he is coming at all.
  • Harrison appears, and Chris voices his concern at lack of material. He wants the phone number of Marcus, Harrison’s brother, and is taken aback at the vehemence with which Harrison refuses to divulge it. Defensively, Harrison warns Chris to stay away from his brother.
  • There is no sign of Robin, so lunch at Brookfield has come and gone. David needs to take over grain hauling from Josh and Ruth is out with the sheep. Toby appears, with Rosie, and can only apologise for this father. Unfortunately his arrival wakes Rosie, giving rise to an an angry outburst from Jill.
  • After delivering a pep talk to the cricket team, Harrison apologises to Chris for his outburst earlier. Confidentially, he reveals the source of his angry outburst. He has a secret from his past which he fears Marcus might reveal; not only was Harrison a Policeman Stripagram in his student days, he also appeared in a stage act dressed as Ginger Spice. He fears it would undermine his authority should details ever get out. Convulsed with Laughter, Chris promises to keep Harrison’s secret.
  • Robin arrives with champagne and flowers, being both patronising and condescending to Jill and David. he announces that he will be staying (at Ambridge Hall) for a week. Jill makes it very clear that she is not pleased at this prospect, and can scarcely hide her fury when Robin enquires smoothly whether Phil will be joining them. Meanwhile he will keep his business ticking over as he enjoys a walk down Memory Lane. Take care that Jill doesn’t trip you up, Robin.

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