Annette can’t keep her mouth shut. Wayne won’t keep his mouth shut. Adam keeps his mouth firmly shut.

Radio Times: Fallon confides in an old flame.

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  • Annette’s in the shop when Adam calls to put up a notice about the footpath diversion idea. She wastes no time in blabbing about Helen’s new romance.
  • Ed meets Fallon, and tells her about George starting school. It seems that their old friendship is now restored, and they are easy in each other’s company.
  • Wayne’s modest about his darts success, and turns down Bert’s offer of a drink. Bert comments that Freda thinks Wayne the best kitchen assistant she’s ever had. When Fallon appears, Wayne lapses into major nostalgia, and upsets her so much that she goes out for a walk.
  • When Ed calls to buy George some sweets, Annette tells him all the details of Helen’s romance. Later he advises Fallon never to tell Annette anything personal.
  • Lynda stops Adam and demands to know what the meeting is about. He tells her to come along and see, then drives off, leaving Lynda temporarily speechless.
  • Fallon joins Ed and George at the swings, and tells Ed how difficult she finds the whole Wayne business. She can see why Jolene feels she has to look after him, but where Fallon’s concerned, the sooner he leaves Ambridge, the better.

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