Sid agrees Wayne can stay a while longer at the Bull.

Radio Times: All’s fair in love and cricket for Adam.

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  • Jim has turned into chauffeur for the cricket team. He’s very impressed at how Adam is doing as Captain and takes some pleasure in winding Sid up about Wayne being in the darts team and proposes he joins his quiz team.
  • Vicky is still planning her garden. She isn’t sure which plants are which. It’s a pity she doesn’t know the names of the new plants in the Memorial Garden and is wondering who is planting them when Lynda tries to distract her with a dinner invitation and a suggestion she enters the Flower and Produce show.
  • Ambridge win the cricket but there is definitely some dispute about a key catch by Adam. David says Alistair would withdraw an appeal if he wasn’t sure but Adam thinks it’s fair game.
  • Sid is getting fed up hearing Wayne’s name. Jolene recognises he has done a lot but she doesn’t think it’s time for him to go. Especially for Fallon. She needs to see her Dad getting on. Sid reluctantly agrees he can stay – but not for much longer.

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