Annette ends an evening with Jazzer by staying at his place.

Radio Times: Jazzer finds the new girl in town.

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  • Helen is not convinced. Annette maintains that she cannot go to the celebration at Bridge Farm tonight because she has other plans but these plans seem rather vague. When Brenda appears and shows off her ring, Annette does not stay to admire it. Helen wonders whether this is due to her ‘history’ with Tom.
  • There are plenty to admire the ring at the party, especially Vicky. In fact Brenda practically has to push her aside to show it to her dad.
  • Jazzer, it seems, is also at a loose end but gets a cool reception from Annette in The Bull. Never one to give up easily, he eventually convinces her that they could spend the evening together. No need to worry about getting back to Ambridge: she can stay at his place.
  • Brenda finds Vicky rather overpowering; Mike barely gets the chance to finish a sentence. While taking refuge in the kitchen with Helen, a text comes in from Annette: she is staying with a friend. Although she is not her mum and shouldn’t act so, Helen cannot avoid worrying; she was in a strange mood earlier. Where she is?

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