Brookfield is open to the public. Annette isn’t open with Helen.

Radio Times: All publicity is good publicity for Brookfield Farm.

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  • Helen’s concerned about Annette after she stayed out all night on Friday. She tries to talk to her, but Annette’s having none of it, and goes off to her shift in the shop.
  • The Brookfield Open Day is in full swing with lots of visitors. Joe uses it as an opportunity to sell compost and gnomes, to Ruth’s annoyance, and denies that he is selling when she tackles him about it.
  • Annette keeps ringing Jazzer to no avail. Helen tries several times to talk to her, and eventually Annette tells her the truth. Helen is horrified, and tries to warn Annette about Jazzer, but she won’t listen. When Helen persists, Annette tells her it’s none of her business, and storms out.
  • Lynda wants Jill’s support over the plinth at the fete. It must, says Lynda, be a celebration of Ambridge, for Ambridge and by Ambridge. To get rid of her, Jill expresses wholehearted support.
  • David’s pleased with the way the Open Day has gone, and mentions that Tom will make a donation to charity out of his takings. The day wasn’t meant to be about money, says Ruth meaningfully. Unabashed, Joe says he’ll make a donation too.

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