Brenda feels that Vicky is in control of her life. Kenton feels life is passing him by.

Radio Times: Kenton has a bad case of itchy feet.

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  • Brenda calls at the shop for ketchup. She’s cooking a big breakfast to help her revision along. She invites Susan to her engagement party, but Susan is oddly evasive. Kenton arrives in search of energy drinks, and tells Susan how much he misses Emma at Jaxx. Susan seizes the opportunity to deliver a lecture on responsibility.
  • Vicky calls unexpectedly on Mike, and he insists on her being taken to Brenda’s. Her pushy attitude and demonstrations of affection for Mike do not go down well with Brenda. With a crashing lack of sensitivity, Vicky demands coffee and insists that she and Brenda should go shopping for fancy curtains to replace Brenda’s blinds. She tries to take over the catering for Brenda’s party, but has to be content with making a cake.
  • Kenton rings his assistant, Naomi, to persuade her to do extra shifts. Unlike Emma, Naomi gives him a flat no.
  • Mike and Vicky call at Jaxx for lunch, as Vicky insists Mike should call it. Again, she’s all over Mike, to Kenton’s embarrassment. He comments on her liveliness, and admits that he’s feeling bored. Running someone else’s cafe is not how Kenton envisaged himself at 50.
  • Brenda returns to the shop for chocolate to combat the effects of Vicky’s visit. She tries to sound Susan out about Vicky, without much success. Susan does comment that Vicky’s got her feet under the table, and Brenda weakly agrees.

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