Annette gives in to her emotions. Lynda won’t give in: she is on target for chairmanship of the PC.

Radio Times: Lynda aims for a position of power.

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  • If Annette wants to stop on the way back from the clinic, Helen assures her that will be no trouble. Helen is doubtful about Annette’s plan to do the papers tomorrow morning; she must take care of herself – or Helen will!
  • After his disturbed night, David could do without a visit from Lynda on a rather feeble excuse – really she wants to tell him that she has been nominated and seconded as chairman of the PC.
  • Helen’s lunch preparations are interrupted by Annette sobbing. She does not regret the abortion; she is just glad it’s over, or soon will be. But she cannot burst into tears in front of Susan. Can Helen get her out of paper duty tomorrow?
  • As Susan wrestles with whether to apply for various jobs, Neil’s well-meant comments about her abilities (persuasive, pushy and persistent) don’t quite hit the spot. He is rescued by a visit from David, with the news about Lynda and with the suggestion that Neil stands against her.
  • In the shop, Lynda is keen to report news of the many volunteers bursting to help in the Community Shop. Susan is not very receptive to the information, especially to the news that some are only offering two hours – per week! Ridiculous! She is spared further revelations by the appearance of Neil, asking for Susan’s opinion about David’s suggestion. Anything that keeps Lynda down is fine by Susan. Go for it! When Helen reports that Annette is ill and offers to do the papers in her place, martyr Susan will not hear of it; she just wishes people would appreciate her more.

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