Eddie’s quest for extra work, to finance a new van, takes another setback.

Radio Times: Lilian mourns what might have been.

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  • Jim has had all the low-down on the history of his new house from Joe, including advice not to mention any of it to Susan: she is a bit sensitive about the exploits of her brother Clive. Next he is getting the inside track on his new role as parish clerk. He is having to fend off Eddie, who is bursting to get started on shelving.
  • All these comings and goings on the Green are being observed by a rather bored Annette. Helen insists that she should not beat herself up about letting Susan down. She is so sorry for all of it and Helen ought to hate her, though she can’t explain why.
  • Lilian unloads her disagreement with Matt to her sister over a coffee. Paul seemed a really nice guy. There is only him to visit their mother, so he probably wanted a bit of support. He certainly wasn’t after money. But Matt has made his decision, so that’s that.
  • Eddie reckons he can do Jim’s shelves in half a day but this clearly indicates that it would not be up to the quality he is looking for. Eddie is simply not the right man for the job. Undaunted, Eddie makes a bid for relaying the rickety patio; there he might have more success, in the fullness of time, but alas it isn’t as high on the Prof’s priority list as it is on Eddie’s.

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