Even in dire straits, Eddie will not ask his son for a loan.

Radio Times: Eddie resists a role reversal.

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  • Predictably, Eddie takes the opportunity, after milking, to ask David about extra work. The answer is no; times are hard. Though David is very hard pressed; he needs to clone himself.
  • Clarrie commiserates with Eddie but neither has any ideas about improving their cash flow. William will look out for a good deal on a van; however good, Eddie will not be able to afford it.
  • Jamie is at Brookfield for tea and joins Josh in annoying Pip, who has carelessly left her phone lying about. It rings. Before Pip can rescue it Josh has established that the caller is someone called Jude.
  • Later, David is pleased to learn that Neil will stand for chairman of the PC. Josh has reported back to his parents about Jude; of course, they mustn’t ask.
  • Clarrie has a suggestion for Eddie: rather than another clapped out van, why not borrow the money and buy something decent – not from a bank, or a dodgy loan scheme – from William. As a matter of pride, Eddie will not borrow from his own son. No way!

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