Annette has backed out so Greg and Helen will host only one of Greg’s daughters – troublesome Sonia.

Radio Times: Gossip grips Ambridge.

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  • Helen is looking forward to the visit of Greg’s children although Lynda, shopping for vegetables, has some scare stories about when Robert’s girls were at that age.
  • Greg is buying wine for Helen; he confides in George that she is being so positive about the girls coming. In France he always sees them on Michelle’s terms. When Lynda bears down upon them, George needs moral support but Greg’s phone rings. Lynda has had an email from Borchester Land, for the message board, alleging that David has killed a badger. Since George will not give anything away she resolves to go to Brookfield. George urges her to leave David alone: if she keeps pestering him he will give up being a Parish Councillor. Lynda retorts that if he has broken the law he has no future as a Parish Councillor anyway.
  • The wine was supposed to be a treat but now Greg has to tell Helen about the phone call: Annette doesn’t want to come, even though in her last email she was really looking forward to it. Greg admits that he finds Sonia easier to deal with when Annette is around, so perhaps he has used her as a buffer. Helen is positive; it wil be a chance really to get to know Sonia. Helen plans to take the whole two weeks off and is planning lots of outings. Sonia will tell Annette she missed a brilliant holiday!
  • George visits Brookfield to see if Lynda has been round. He tells Ruth about the email and Ruth reveals that Matt Crawford had seen David and presumably reported him. It must be because David opposed his planning application, but deliberately to blacken his name is below the belt.

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