Emma spends a perfect birthday with William – ending with a proposal.

Radio Times: William has a surprise in store for Emma.

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  • Jack is fretting about Kenton and wants Peggy to accompany him to confront him but she will have none of it.
  • It’s Emma’s birthday and William has pulled out all the stops – a strawberry and champagne picnic followed by … wait and see.
  • Jennifer and Peggy have been catching up – about the Farmers’ Markets and Alice’s forthcoming week with Debbie. Brian is busy on the harvest, learning how tedious it all is; at least he and Adam seem to be getting on better. She is going to try using the web site to support the Farm Watch idea.
  • Looking down on Lower Loxley from a balloon, Emma has no regrets. They are impressed with the size but William would not want the hassle of running a place like that. Wicked! This is Emma’s idea of heaven.
  • Jack finds Kenton hard at work in the café. Emma, he explains, has the day off; she is an absolute treasure. Jack expresses his concern that this is his fifth attempt to catch Kenton, two of them at closing time when Emma had to go to the night safe alone. He reminds Kenton that he is on a six month trial and unless he pulls his socks up, six months is all he is going to get.
  • Jennifer has switched on her computer to show Peggy the message board and what do they find: David has killed a badger; no Parish Councillor should flout the law. Brian wonders how that got onto the message board.
  • Emma’s day ends with the best meal she has ever had; she has enjoyed having so much attention paid to her. William wants nothing more than to keep on looking after her – for life. He produces a ring and pops the question.

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