Kenton has heeded the warning from Jack; he and Shula celebrate their 45th birthdays.

Radio Times: Shula and Kenton enjoy some birthday fun.

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  • With help from Brenda, Roy is still seeking accommodation and getting more desperate; they could move back home to Willow Farm but Roy is not keen and Hayley is dead set against it. As there have been no more offers for Nightingale Farm maybe the problem is not so urgent. Matt Crawford still has not come back with a revised offer so Marjorie now thinks she made a mistake turning down his original one; she also worries that, some of the furniture having been sold, the decoration looks worse.
  • The 45 year-old twins are trying to get into party mood in Kenton’s flat above the café. Kenton is in sombre mood about having his knuckles wrapped by Jack yesterday; he admits to Shula that he got distracted, which easy with such good staff. The livery side of Shula’s business being on the verge of collapse, she nearly didn’t come; Mum and Dad are sleeping at The Stables to keep an eye on things. David joins them and is not much better: Pip has found out from other children about the badger and though he has tried to explain, he doubts if she will ever forgive him. Truce! No more family woes this evening.
  • Meanwhile downstairs Emma breaks her news to Brenda and Roy: Will asked her to marry him and she said ‘yes’. Now she has a soppy grin on her face; she had no idea it was coming but is sure it is what she wants.
  • A lot of alcohol has improved the mood of the Archer siblings. Kenton had failed to notice the ring that Emma had been waving under his nose all day but now proposes a toast (before he and Shula attempt to blow out 2 x 45 candles) to Emma and Will.

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