An indifferent start for Sonja, no progress for David and a bad conclusion for Ed …

Radio Times: Greg practises his parenting skills.

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  • Susan has Emma coming for tea, so she is buying strawberries from Ed and Jazzer’s stall. Not a good idea – it prompts Jazzer to remind Ed that he and Susan will soon be related … Ed is miserable and consoles himself by agreeing to help Jazzer this evening – ‘doing’ a job. But they agree to keep it low key – the houses by the allotment with well-stocked garages …
  • Sonja has arrived – and is acting the typical teenager. In the car on the way home from the airport, Helen and Greg are both trying hard, to no avail. Sonja is terse in conversation and unimpressed by everything, except perhaps, Justin Timberlake … (as a teenager of the 60’s – oh dear, ME TOO !!) !
  • At Brookfield, David is regretting ever having shot the badger – Pip is still giving him the cold shoulder. Ruth reports that Nigel is becoming totally proficient with his ‘bodging’ and is considering putting on a course himself at Lower Loxley. David is really surprised at Nigel’s success, then actually admits to fancying the course himself!
  • Later that night, Jazzer and Ed are well into their ‘job’ – Jazzer is, perhaps, being a little too cavalier (noisy?) in his movements, much to Ed’s dismay …
  • In bed, Neil is trying to sleep but really wants to talk to Susan about the cost of this wedding – how can they be expected to fork out up to a thousand pounds for the dress, to say nothing of the rest? Susan assures him by saying it might never ‘appen – Neil is glad to hear that, and immediately says he’ll talk to Emma and put her off the idea. Oh no, says Susan – that will only make her more determined. But we have to stand back – Ed and Emma really love each other – let’s see what happens over the next twelve months. And they turn the subject to their mutual problems with Tom’s sausage empire.
  • The police arrive, Jazzer bunks off and Ed is left to face the consequences.

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