Grundy by name, Grundy by nature … ?

Radio Times: A bad night for the Grundys.

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  • After midnight, and Clarrie is worried about Ed – where is he? Eddie reckons he’s staying at Jazzer’s but Clarrie wishes he’d let them know. But they are both agreed – they couldn’t wish for a sweeter daughter-in-law in prospect than Emma.
  • 12.30am and Ed is at the police station, on suspicion of domestic burglary. He is off-hand to begin with, announcing himself as Elvis Presley and pleading ignorance of his postcode, but is obviously relieved to learn that Usha is the duty solicitor. Especially when he realises he is going to be locked in a cell …
  • Usha rings Keeper’s Cottage. Eddie wants to go to the station to be with Ed but he is now over 18. Clarrie is beside herself with disbelief.
  • Ed is unable or unwilling to accept his incarceration …
  • Keeper’s Cottage is searched in the middle of the night, much to Clarrie’s consternation as they go through her best china cabinet. Eddie, true to form, is certain it must be a violation of their rights but the police assure him that it is perfectly legal.
  • Usha advises Ed not to be cocky when he is interviewed further by the police. They ask him about other recent burglaries in the Ambridge area – the heating boiler from the show house, and other things like lawn mowers and small garden tools. What does he know about them? Ed denies knowledge of anything further than last night’s involvement, especially when the police try to bring his Dad into it.
  • Ed signs a copy of the master tape of his statement, and is taken to be charged by the Custody Sergeant.
  • Meanwhile, Usha reassures Clarrie and Eddie who have been waiting forever at the station that Ed is going to be released on bail. But he will be up before the magistrate again tomorrow morning. When Ed appears, Eddie goes off it but Clarrie calms the ruffled waters and they take him home to await tomorrow.

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