Sonja is homesick; Ed is in court; Clarrie is consoled by Emma.

Radio Times: Clarrie finds a friend in Emma.

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  • Helen is at a loss to know how to cheer Sonja up. Pat says she’s bound to be homesick, away from her Mum and sister for the first time. Greg got edgy at the airport and of course Sonja reacted to him straight away. He’s terrified of having another row. Pat says she’s going to have years of built up resentment against him – they’ll just have to be patient.
  • Jazzer is desperate to know what happened to Ed on Sunday night. Ed’s had his phone off ‘cos he hasn’t wanted to have this conversation. Irritated by Jazzer’s attitude, he leaves him in the dark as to whether he shopped him or not.
  • Pat asks Helen to tell Sonja she’s looking forward to having her tomorrow. Helen hopes she’ll be all right and wonders how on earth Pat managed to successfully raise three stroppy teenagers! Clarrie arrives, stating that even though she had been offered the morning off to go to court with Ed, she wasn’t prepared to let Pat down again “just for ‘im … “
  • Eddie, still furious, is at the court with Ed. The search of Keeper’s Cottage has really upset him, but Ed can’t see that the Police were within their rights to do that.
  • Helen has taken Sonja to Jaxx for a sandwich. She congratulates Emma on her engagement to Will. Ed comes in and Emma tries to quiz him on what happened at court. He reluctantly tells her about what it was like being kept in a police cell over night and that he now has a curfew order on him. Why did he do it, she asks. Why did she do it, he counters – get engaged to Will? Emma retorts that Ed mustn’t dare try to make it out to be her fault.
  • Pat is worried about Clarrie – she’s hardly said a word all day. Helen mentions having seen Ed in Borchester looking pretty stressed. She’s fixed for Sonja to go to Home Farm for tea on Friday. Pat’s pleased that the pressure will be off Helen and Greg for a few hours.
  • Clarrie pours out her feelings of horror over the house search to Emma. Ed just doesn’t seem to realise how serious it is. Where did Clarrie go wrong? Emma tries to reassure her that it’s not her fault – she’s done her very best. If only Edward could have stayed on the land – he loved it at Grange Farm. He’s got to get over it, though – can’t use that as an excuse forever. Clarrie tells Emma that her engagement to Will means so much to her. The wedding will be the light at the end of a very long tunnel …

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