Annette is increasingly desperate to keep clear of Leon.

Radio Times: Annette searches for a safe house.

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  • Helen is still striving to cheer up her flatmate; she is going to the Antiques Fair at Lower Loxley to seek some Christmas presents but Annette doesn’t want to come, then she is going to cook supper for Leon but Annette doesn’t want to come.
  • Jennifer and Peggy have also been to the Antiques Fair, with some success. Back at Home Farm, they are surprised to get a visit from Annette looking for Alice; alas, the daughter of the house is out for the evening with Chris.
  • Helen’s visit to Lower Loxley has also been fruitful; she is particularly pleased to have got something for Annette, who, she explains, has been down since last week. Elizabeth recommends Deck the Hall to raise her spirits, though Elizabeth herself seems to be stressing excessively about the coming event.
  • As Peggy explains her arrangements for Christmas Day, they get another visit from Annette, who this time invites herself to kill time in Alice’s room. Jennifer feels obliged to issue a supper invitation. When Annette is still there quite late in the evening, Jennifer offers to take her back to the village along with Peggy. Annette declines, deducing that it is nevertheless too early to miss Leon back at the flat; she claims she will enjoy the walk back. She pins her hopes on her sister inviting her to France for Christmas but her desperate phone call to Sonja yields another disappointment.

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