Clarrie tries to reassure first-time mum Coriander. Annette continues to avoid Helen and Leon.

Radio Times: Caz finds herself in the presence of a pro.

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  • Pat and Tony have done a collage for Jack. Family photos through the ages, all captioned. Peggy’s decides to offer a ten-year lease for the community village shop.
  • Bert tells Lewis how his Charles Dickens looked more like Adolf Hitler, according to Freda, once he’d scratched away at the itchy moustache. But he’s going to stick to it.
  • Clarrie drops a steak and ale pie round at Ambridge Hall. Only Coriander and Oscar are at home. Caz offers a coffee and when Oscar starts crying it’s clear to Clarrie that Caz’s finding it all a bit much, never being sure what’s causing Oscar to cry. Clarrie soothes Oscar and tries to reassure Caz. It won’t take long for her to gain confidence.
  • Annette parries Helen’s quizzing for a while before admitting that it’s being without a boyfriend at Christmas that’s getting her down. She turns down the offer of a night out with the girls, calling in at Whispers after Leon’s shift’s finished. Is Helen bringing Leon back afterwards? Helen doesn’t know, but offers not to if it’s a problem. No, it’s not, claims Annette, I’ll probably be at the Bull with Alice and Chris anyway.

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