Annette avoids the love nest. Fallon admires Rollo.

Radio Times: Annette searches for an escape.

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  • Coriander’s polite to Lynda, but things are very strained and the village has noticed how tired Lynda looks. Leonie leaves and Lynda’s hoping that may ease things a little.
  • Annette props up the bar at the Bull, despite none of her friends being present. It leaves the flat to Helen and Leon. After chucking out, she works on the returned DVDs in the shop and then spots Fallon returning from her gig. A gushing Fallon is amused by how Jazzer waited on her all night, but her admiration is for Rollo; she feels so connected to him over their song writing.
  • Jim’s going into business with Kenton’s boss. Jaxx is to be turned into a bar. Kathy thinks it’s a daft idea. More work, longer hours, little more pay.

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