Leon arrives unexpectedly. Annette gets Helen to take him out of the flat.

Radio Times: Peggy keeps up appearances for Jack.

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  • Brian’s solicitor has started the conveyancing on the land bribe for the parish council. There’s going to be a restrictive covenant to stop houses being built.
  • Peggy’s pleased Caroline visited Jack, who was genuinely glad to see her, although he didn’t know who Caroline was. Peggy’s less pleased that Jack’s shirts may be laundered but they’re not ironed. She decides she’ll do it at home. Hazel hasn’t been told of Jack’s move and Peggy wonders if she should try and track her down. Jennifer dissuades her, Hazel knows where to find Peggy if she wants to.
  • Matt’s started work in the prison garden. And he’s enjoying it too. Probably because it’s away from his cell mate who talks incessantly on the specialist subject of Australian soaps.
  • Ruth isn’t persuaded by Pip to put the carbon footprint on the Christmas beef pack labels. Ruth feels it’s too simplistic and if some supermarkets want to do it, let them. Helen agrees. Grazing animals do more than just produce methane. Ruth will spell out the pasture feeding idea to customers in future.
  • Helen’s feeling guilty about spending so much time away from Annette and insists on a girly night in. Annette manages to get Kirsty an invite too so she doesn’t have to be alone with Helen. Annette’s hair has just been coloured when she opens the door to Leon. His shift’s changed so he’s brought round some beer and wine. Helen’s sorry the night’s been spoilt for Annette, who now looks so pale. Annette uses this to cancel Kirsty and have Helen take Leon out so she’s got just the TV for company.

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