Robert gets Leonie to stop stirring between Lynda and Coriander.

Radio Times: Vicky and Joe get into the festive spirit.

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  • Robert insists Leonie accompanies him to the Bull where he tells her to stop stirring things between Lynda and Coriander. She initially denies all knowledge but eventually Robert gets her to see Lynda’s position. She agrees to be more considerate and let Caz find her own way rather than leading her all the time as she has always done. Robert’s pleased. So pleased he offers her a flight out to see her mum as his Christmas present.
  • Nigel’s pleased with Brenda’s Deck the Hall leaflets, and likes her idea of dressing up in Victorian costume to hand them out so much he decides to join her. Though they’re finding it hard to get Brenda a dress, a period one that is, that doesn’t make her look a strumpet.
  • Joe and Vicky are finding kissing bough manufacturing is a slow process. Vicky thinks they don’t have to fill the hall, just give enough variety that visitors are inspired to do their own. Joe, oddly, thinks they do need lots. These townies can’t be trusted with their imagination. Brenda warns Vicky that Joe is a Grundy but Vicky think she’s got the measure of him.

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