Annette regrets the night with Leon. Lynda walks Oscar without permission.

Radio Times: Emotions run high at Ambridge Hall.

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  • Coriander’s tending to a crying Oscar when a text arrives from Justin saying he’s thinking of them. That sets Coriander crying too.
  • Annette awakes and tries to locate Leon in the flat only to hear his car start and drive off. She can’t believe how stupid she’s been.
  • Oscar’s crying but Caz’s sparked out on the sofa so Lynda suggests taking him for a walk. Robert tries to dissuade her, they don’t have permission, but she thinks it’ll be fine. She goes further than planned, even making it to the shop. Coriander wakes and is alarmed to find Oscar gone just as Lynda returns. With Leonie’s rampant stirring Caz tells Lynda not to bother helping, she’s Oscar’s mother, not Lynda.
  • Helen pops into the shop to say hello to Annette. When pushed, Annette recalls the chick-flick title, “He’s just not that into you”. She then breaks down in tears. A consoling Helen is told it’s Annette’s time of the month that’s the cause and there’s no mention of Leon.

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