Annette saves the day for Helen.

Radio Times: Annette finds some hidden talents.

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  • Hayley gets ready to take Phoebe to school and to go to work, leaving Roy in charge of Abbie. Then Lynda rings to say an elderly guest has collapsed, and Roy is needed urgently, so Hayley has to rethink childcare.
  • Pat’s been sick all night, so Helen is left to do an ice-cream promotion in Borchester on her own. Annette offers to come, and won’t be put off by Helen’s insistence that she can manage.
  • Hayley tries various people, but no-one can have Abbie. Brenda has to take her dissertation in to the university, but will take Phoebe to school on the way.
  • The department store hosting the ice cream promotion is very quiet. Helen tries again to persuade Annette to go elsewhere, but she won’t. Instead she shouts at the few shoppers there are, to Helen’s embarrassment. Then Annette has a brainwave. She grabs ice cream and wafers from the shop, and goes onto the street offering free ice cream sandwiches. It’s an instant success, and Helen is soon inundated with customers.
  • Just as an increasingly desperate Hayley is on the phone to Emma to see if she can help, Roy returns. He’s had a difficult time; the man’s wife blames Grey Gables, and needs to be found another room while he’s in hospital. But at least Hayley can get to work, even if she is hours late.
  • Brenda calls at the travel agents, and meets Tom on his way to the bank. They have a rather awkward conversation, and are interrupted by Annette, who offers them both a free ice cream sandwich. Oddly, neither Brenda nor Tom has much appetite.

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