Will goes in for public speaking. Eddie and Joe go in for buried treasure. No-one’s going in for the single wicket.

Radio Times: Eddie and Joe search for buried treasure.

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  • Knowing that Oliver and Caroline are off to France, Eddie and Joe set out with their metal detectors to Grange Farm. They meet Sid, out for a run, and express surprise when he tells them the Sterlings have just left.
  • Alistair does a check on the game birds, and hears all about Will’s tour of the shoot for the BL board. He asks Nic if she’ll be entering the single wicket competition, but Ambridge’s cricket mania has yet to affect her. Will’s anxious about the BL visit, and asks Nic to rehearse the talk with him. It’s characteristically stodgy, but Nic is very encouraging.
  • Joe finds an old tobacco tin lid, and before the treasure hunters are able to strike gold, Ed appears, and orders them off the land, telling them they are trespassing. They go with bad grace, but not before Joe’s machine starts to bleep wildly. They uncover a buckle and some buttons. Ever hopeful, Eddie says they’ll check the find out on the internet.
  • A despondent Alistair moans to Sid about the difficulties of putting on cricket events with so little support. Sid will help, and so will Jolene – it is cricket, after all.

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