Jennifer fears she will lose face with Marshall. Matt fears that he has lost face with the board of BL.

Radio Times: Matt suspects double dealings at Borchester Land.

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  • The prospect of Marshall’s visit sends Jennifer into ecstasies. She wants to invite the whole family for dinner; Peggy, Jack, Alice – and Matt and Lilian. Brian does not share her enthusiasm.
  • A meeting of the BL board is about to start, and his fellow directors lose no time in slagging Matt off in his absence. But he appears, and fights his corner. Brian advocates selling off some land with planning permission, even though they will make a loss on it. The others agree, but Matt argues strongly for keeping it. When he is outvoted, he storms out, saying he’s resigning.
  • Jennifer tries to win Lilian round on the pretext of asking Lilian’s views on asking Jack to the family dinner, but Lilian won’t listen. She tells her sister that Peggy can make the decision. She and Matt will not be there. She shuts the door in Jennifer’s face.
  • A furious Matt tells Lilian about the board meeting. She begs him to go back and withdraw his resignation, but he refuses.
  • Not only has Lilian refused Jennifer’s invitation; Alice can’t or won’t come either. Jennifer is distraught. Whatever will Marshall think of them?

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