Lynda puts Jill in a difficult situation. Kirsty helps Helen in a difficult situation.

Radio Times: David objects when Jill goes up in the world.

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  • Lynda is insisting that Jill should practise for her plinth audition by ascending the roof of her garage. Jill finds it hard going, especially when Lynda wants her to throw the dough in the air so everyone can see it. Ruth finds them and is horrified. She fetches David, who orders Jill to come down. Lynda immediately orders her to stay put. David offers them the use of a farm trailer instead.
  • Helen tells Kirsty about her dreadful weekend. Annette dragged her off to the Athena club, and Helen’s had the worst hangover ever. She tells Kirsty what Will said about Annette. Kirsty says Helen can’t be responsible for her, especially having had so much to deal with herself, but Helen feels she can’t abandon Annette; too many people have done that already.
  • Lynda confides to Ruth and Jill that she feels inadequate in the face of Coriander’s pregnancy, not having had children herself. Jill points out that she has lots of love to give, and that’s all the baby needs.

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