Another grandchild for Phil and Jill!

Radio Times: News from Down Under.

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  • Oliver thinks Ed needs some light refreshment – a lager – after a job well done – even unearthing an old bicycle – now they’ve got to go over it with a cultivator – Ed insists on arranging this himself.
  • Jill and Ruth are talking – the children are playing well together even after all this time – while putting up the runner bean frame. Jill and Phil have decided to move to Glebe cottage after all despite the possible housing development, which Brenda has been talking about on the radio. Possibly there will be dirty tricks, but their view will not be affected … there’s always the bungalow, says Ruth …
  • Pat and Tom are talking about Ed wanting to borrow the cultivator! Kathy says that Joe was still in April Cottage having let the sofa delivery man in when Kathy gets home from work! Tom’s best man duties have tired him out though everyone enjoyed the speech. Roy and Haying return tomorrow
  • Ed is playing loud music – Oliver says he did not give him permission do this, certainly not without his permission. Oliver says it would be better to leave using the cultivator until next week so Ed should go and do some revision. He gives Ed the £60 needed for the cultivator.
  • Pat and Tom again – she’s designed a poster for the shop to advertise their broad beans which will be ready in 3 weeks time – bit like advertising Beaujolais Nouveau in advance of a good crop!
  • Jill is just coming off the phone when Ruth comes in – Mel and Kenton have had a baby girl, 20-hour labour, there had been a few complications but it went alright – she arrived at twenty past six tomorrow morning their time – Jill now has 6 grandchildren! Merielle is the name they are toying with – “bit close to Mel” though says Ruth. She was 8 lb 6 oz and 2 weeks overdue. Ruth suggests that Jill go over to see the new baby – Phil won’t like that with foot and mouth still around though. They toast the baby’s health in tea – “To Merielle”.

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