Another little Archer is on the way, down under.

Radio Times: News from the antipodes.

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  • Elizabeth has had a bad night with the twins when Kenton rings with the news that he will be a dad in April. He has not yet been able to speak to Phil and Jill because they are out for the day. The conversation turns to inheritance, since Kenton is Elizabeth’s only ally in this matter. Although in deference to Ruth’s cancer it has been put on the back burner, it is clearly still simmering.
  • Work on Lynda’s patio is ahead of schedule, as Eddie makes a start with his reluctant assistant Edward, who is not as careful, removing the old patio, as Eddie would like. Could it be that Eddie has a market for the flagstones rather than taking them to the dump? An advance payment would help Eddie’s cash flow problems and Lynda is sympathetic. Meanwhile he must have a word with Usha about his other problem.
  • Julia’s latest craze is to enter a painting in the Arts & Crafts section of the produce show but first she has to find her brushes. The casting for the Mikado has not yet been announced, although Julia reckons that the part of Katisha is hers.
  • Elizabeth has a staff problem because they had to let Tracey Horobin go last week. Her niece Emma, with experience of working at the Bull behind her, calls at Lower Loxley to apply for the job. Emma’s exam results were not too good and she does not want to go to college. She promises to be trustworthy, polite and not to let them down.
  • Usha’s door gets quite a pounding, so keen is Eddie to see her about the summons. Alas, her advice is not encouraging but it doesn’t matter because he is not listening anyway. He has decided to go to the court and plead his own case. He will get the judge on his side; certainly he has nothing to lose by trying.

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