Showdown at the Bull.

Radio Times: The punishment fits the crime.

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  • In the dairy the conversation is of the Grundy’s barbecue this evening and of Pat’s concern about staffing in the shop. She and Tommy cannot keep on covering the vacancy and maybe she should take charge of recruitment; Helen can be rather brisk.
  • Eddie deflects Lynda’s pleas to get on with her drive by promising to start first thing on Monday; he has customers waiting for his mushroom compost over the weekend.
  • When Pat and Clarrie deliver yogurt to the shop, Susan tells them that she does not know what to do about Emma. She will not hear of resits. Pat and Clarrie have both been there with Tommy and William; Tommy in particular took quite a while to work out what he wanted to do. For the time being, keeping quiet is probably the best policy. But should they also keep quiet about Sid flaunting Jolene in the Bull? Kathy was very critical when she was not told about the affair in the first place. Enter Kathy. Kathy is told. Exit Kathy.
  • Lynda is quietly pinning up her Mikado poster in the Bull when Kathy enters, verbal guns blazing, and she is forced to witness the ensuing slanging match with Sid. Well, Jolene is welcome to take over the lot because Kathy declares she will not set foot in the place again. Sid apologises that Lynda was caught in the crossfire but he says it had been coming for a long time and a clean break is probably for the best.
  • Preparations for the barbecue are interrupted when Eddie and Clarrie spot something on the door of their caravan, something which looks official. It is a summons to appear at Felpersham District Court next Wednesday. Eddie is determined to fight and win.

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