Emma’s GCSE results are disappointing and Ruth turns down a romantic meal.

Radio Times: One little maid comes home from school.

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  • Neil and Susan cannot say the right thing to Emma this morning as she waits for her GCSE results, convinced that she has blown it.
  • Sid is revelling in seeing Jolene over his Cornflakes but she must spend time with Fallon later, when she has her results. Sid wants some help in the pub at lunchtime; Kathy is not coming in because Jamie is off-colour but Sid feels that it doesn’t take much too keep her away these days. Little wonder she has no enthusiasm; Jolene understands that.
  • Mummy’s hair, and how much of it she is going to lose, is of interest to Pip. Ruth doesn’t mind talking about it but David entices the youngster away, worried that it will upset Ruth before she has really got used to the idea herself. Everything is under control for the special treat this evening; Phil is even standing by to be the sous-chef.
  • There is good trade at the Bull because some of last night’s coach parties have returned. Neil seeks fortification before Emma returns with her results but he is doubtful about the wisdom of Jolene being behind the bar.
  • The view from Lakey Hill has long been a favourite of Ruth’s. A bit out of breath, she joins David and tells him that his idea about the special meal is very sweet and she should have told him earlier but she would really rather not. The day she found the lump had been an ordinary day until she was getting ready for bed. All she wants now is ordinary days again.
  • Susan is disgusted that Sid has been flaunting Jolene and contemplates telling Kathy but her criticism is cut short by Emma’s return. Her parents try to put it in a good light but she has indeed blown it. She had worked hard and is naturally very disappointed. The fact that she has done better than her Dad does not impress: he is pig man and she wanted to go to college. Resits! No way, she is not going through it all again.

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