Another of Eddie’s cunning plans bites the dust.

Radio Times: Eddie’s good deeds are not what they seem.

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  • Eddie is busy redeeming his father’s IOUs, in this case from Roy. Alice has finished work at Grey Gables and is off later to Bestival; Eddie does his best to give the impression he is up to date on the music scene.
  • Pat enquires about Bartleby and cannot resist sharing the good news that Borchester Land have agreed in principle to sell Bridge Farm. Joe has bitter experience of BL as landlords, so he can understand how Pat and Tony feel.
  • When Daddy comes home, Abbie has a new trick to show – rolling over. Will has rung Roy: he would be happy to be Abbie’s godfather but only if Emma and Ed are not there at the service or the party. That’s a difficult one: Emma and Hayley are quite close. In the end they decide that Will should be godfather: it will be good for him and he might have a setback if they said no. Hayley will have to find the right way to break it to Emma.
  • Eddie’s quest for IOUs takes him to Lower Loxley, where Nigel and the team chase team are getting in some practice. Shula, who is helping Alice with a tricky jump, is his next target.
  • With a fistful of IOUs, worth about 50 TEAs, Eddie thinks he can lord it over Joe but he has to get up early to do that. Joe plays along with Eddie’s various demands, including tea and a piece of cake – it’s one of Sabrina Thwaite’s efforts – serve him right. Joe puts him straight about swap club rules and leaves him to make his own tea.

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