Alice and the ever gallant Christopher get very close.

Radio Times: Chris and Alice have a blast at Bestival.

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  • At the Bell Ringing Roadshow Shula and Neil are impressed with the mini-ringers, as a way of encouraging youngsters, showing them the mechanism. Neil is glad to get away from his troubles for a day, IOUs in particular. He thinks Christopher would be interested in a computer simulation but he is at Bestival; Neil will send him a text.
  • Meanwhile at Bestival, Alice introduces Chris to her friend Daisy but then Daisy leaves them together. Neil’s text tells Christopher that he and Shula are going to have some grab time, ringing as guests in a local belfry; Alice makes it clear that Chris will not be having any grab time!
  • While Nigel is doing some preliminary work on the ha-ha, Jennifer delivers a report on the dig. There will be a display in the village hall soon.
  • Alice has a crisis: her tent has been stolen and she doesn’t fancy sleeping with Daisy who is half drunk already and is with Jules. She rings Chris and he offers her his tent but, fear not, he will sleep on a chair outside. Later, neither being able to sleep, Alice takes pity on him, eases her conscience and brings him in out of the cold. Both are much happier now.

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