Sabrina pulls a fast one. Jennifer is not amused.

Radio Times: Jill suspects foul play.

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  • The Ambridge women-folk await the judges’ decisions at the Flower and Produce show. Both Clarrie and Jill feel that their entries are below the usual standard. Lynda complains bitterly that Phil’s astronomical photos are not representative of village life, but Ruth offers a spirited defence.
  • A heated argument on the subject of IOUs and swaps is luckily terminated by the opening of the doors, and the revelation of this year’s winners. Jill has done better than she feared, though Clarrie has won nothing. Lynda is incensed to learn that her photos have been marked Not According to Schedule, and dis-barred, while Phil’s have won a prize.
  • Jennifer is less than pleased when Alice rings to tell her about losing her tent at the festival, and having shared Chris Carter’s tent. Not only that, she’s driving back with him and will be late. Jennifer attacks Neil on the subject, demanding to know whether he knew anything about it. Neil gets some wry amusement from referring to Chris and Alice having ‘got close’ recently. Jennifer tells him in no uncertain terms that Alice will be off to university in three weeks so doesn’t need to get close to anyone. Well, says Neil, at that age, three weeks is a long time.
  • Jennifer is even more incensed when it appears that Sabrina Thwaites has entered Jill’s fruit cake and won first prize. Jill swapped it for some jam jars. Jennifer is all for reporting this heinous crime, but Jill tells her to leave it. Sabrina is only looking for acceptance in village life.
  • Joe’s day is made when he wins the Master Gardener class, beating Bert into second place. This cheers Clarrie, who is unhappy at having to take time off work in order to take George to see his father in Gloucester. Will just can’t see how inconvenient this is, he’s so wrapped up in his own problems.

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