Alice embarks on a new relationship. Tom embarks on a new way of working.

Radio Times: Love is on the cards for Alice.

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  • Lilian calls on Pat in the hope of restoring good family relations, but she gets a frosty reception, even when she reveals that it was Matt’s casting vote that gave Pat and Tony the chance to buy Bridge Farm. Pat’s surly response is to suggest that it was only because Borchester Land’s plans to develop the pack-house were thrown out. Tom makes a fortuitous appearance, enabling Pat to cut the conversation short.
  • Tom has been busy helping Tony, and comments that all the local farmers are suffering from the weather. Brenda is going to Willow Farm later, so Tom accepts Pat’s invitation to supper.
  • Lilian tells Jennifer about Pat’s attitude. She can’t understand how Pat can be so ungrateful when their chance to buy the farm was all down to Matt. Jennifer is surprised to hear about the discovery of Matt’s mother, and offers to write the letter for Matt, though Lilian tells her they have arranged for a professional intermediary to make the first step. They are interrupted by Alice’s return – and a lingering kiss with Chris, which suggests they might be more than good friends. Lilian is highly amused, but Jennifer is most definitely not. Alice is a clever girl, she says, meaningfully.
  • Tony deals with a difficult calving, and learns that Tom has taken the herd out after milking. Over supper, Tom offers to milk three days a week in future, an offer that is gratefully received. They drink a toast to the future, but Tony thinks they should drink to Matt, the author of their success.
  • After a shower, Alice tells her mother all about the festival, and says Chris was wonderful. Jennifer makes it very clear that she does not approve of Alice’s new relationship, but Alice says she’s determined to have fun before she goes to university.

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