The Ambridge men-folk build a wall. Susan bears the brunt of criticism.

Radio Times: The Ambridge economy faces a crisis.

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  • Nigel’s dry-stone-walling volunteers prepare to start work on the ha-ha wall, led by Eric. It’s hard work, but Mike and Neil, in particular, enjoy the day greatly, learning technical terms and the technique of successful wall-building.
  • Lynda is full of righteous indignation at the number of fake IOUs circulating in Ambridge and beyond. She complains first of all to Neil, who isn’t prepared to argue with her, and then to Susan, who by this time has had enough, and retaliates by complaining about the photo of her taken by Lynda and entered in the Flower and Produce show.
  • Mike and Neil chat about their children. Roy and Hayley are moving into a staff flat at Grey Gables while the building work is in progress at Willow Farm. Neil finds the Christopher/Alice relationship amusing, though admits that Susan has them walking up the aisle already.
  • When Neil arrives home, full of his day at Lower Loxley, he finds Susan in angry mood. The IOUs are completely out of hand, and are threatening to wreck the Swap Club.

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