Elizabeth solves a problem. Clarrie wishes she could solve one.

Radio Times: Elizabeth plays the fairy godmother.

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  • Eddie and Joe are going back to Lower Loxley for another day’s dry-stone walling, though Joe’s motives are not altogether altruistic; he’s there for the free lunch. Clarrie is taking George to see William.
  • Nigel tells Elizabeth that Roy, Hayley and the children are moving into a staff flat at Grey Gables. Elizabeth is horrified; the flats are no more than bed-sits. She thinks they should come to Lower Loxley.
  • William is delighted to see George, though he seems tired and low in spirits. He’s appreciative of the cake Clarrie has baked, and wants her to come again soon. Clarrie is anxious about letting Pat down, and thinks William should come to Ambridge, but he refuses. He can’t trust himself, though he has agreed to come to Abbie’s Christening. Clarrie points out that George needs regular contact with his father, but Will won’t be persuaded.
  • Eddie gets stuck in at Lower Loxley, while Joe prefers to watch. Hayley arrives, and is keen to have a go, so Joe offers to mind Abbie. Hayley wants Abbie to be able to tell her friends that her mum helped build the wall. Eddie is full of ghost stories, and wants to put on ghost walks. Joe thinks it would be a great idea.

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