As Clarrie considers where they’ll live if the Notice to Quit is enforced, Phil and Jill are pondering their living quarters too.

Radio Times: Time to quit.

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  • Alistair’s at Brookfield to look at one of the new boars who’s been a little over-enthusiastic in his dealings with the sows. Jill makes sure that he remembers about pancakes tonight, with an exciting Daniel around, could he forget? He mentions that he and Shula have quite a hectic social diary at the moment. When David starts to say something about Phil and Jill going to dinner on Thursday, he gets a quick poke in the ribs – Shula and Alistair don’t know about she and Phil meeting Bunty and Reg.
  • Clarrie has a difficult phone call to make, she rings the council to discuss the options. She’s a little taken aback when the housing officer describes it as being made homeless, but he’s sympathetic and promises that they won’t be split up. They’ve an appointment set up for next week. She was worried that Eddie might take the news badly, but it’s best to cover the ground before it’s definite, just in case the worst comes to the worst and they aren’t able to get around the Notice to Quit.
  • Shula and Alistair have a light-hearted Lent bet, she’s giving up chocolate and he’s foregoing alcohol. Although the mood sours when they hear the latest Grundy news. There’s a general feelings of concern that Brian’s involved with a kind of people who could do that to people he knows.
  • Phil’s counting his blessings, although Jill wonders whether he actually needs to work as hard as he does. Maybe it’s time for them to admit that David and Ruth are doing most of the running of the farm and, as Dan and Doris did, it might be time for them to hand over to the next generation the advantages of raising a family in the farmhouse. If another child is one the way, this might be the perfect time to consider their future.