The Grundys continue to fall, but Brian seems like an unexpected ally over their Notice to Quit.

Radio Times: Just when you thought it was safe…

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  • Eddie’s been up and about for hours, the routine for milking is ingrained. He’s going to be working at Brookfield and then might chase up some leads for casual work. He’s feeling generally chipper all things considered, that is, until the post arrives at which point he loses his rag totally. Just when things seemed to be at their lowest ebb, a letter from Borchester Land arrives – their Notice to Quit. Some choice words are aimed at Brian Aldridge and his colleagues – their parentage well and truly questioned.
  • Debbie’s fixing a tractor when Brian rolls up and offers to help as she generally busy and could be better used elsewhere. He’s been in an almost un-Brian-like good mood for the last few weeks … until Eddie turns up and bawls him out over the letter. Brian, apparently genuinely, expresses surprise – which Eddie refuses to believe and almost thumps him in the process. When Eddie leaves, promising they will never vacate Grange Farm, Brian continues his protestations to Debbie – it seems he is as surprised as Eddie was.
  • Joe is being slightly more prgamatic, “to the victor, the spoils” and, having lost the war, the spoils are being claimed. Eddie’s still not convinced and promises to guard the place with a shot gun and again vows to never leave. Despite having lived his whole life on the farm, Joe promises that if they have to leave, they’ll do so with their heads held high, not being dragged out kicking and screaming.
  • Brian confronts Graham Ryder who apologises, claiming to having assumed that Brian knew. Apparently, the Grundys, in being declared bankrupt, are in breach of their tenancy – which gives Borchester Land the perfect opportunity to oust some of their most unprofitable and unreliable tenants. Brian’s not convinced and wants to talk to Matt Crawford. Graham rings Matt and, unsurprisingly, we discover that Brian was deliberately kept in the dark and Matt doesn’t want to talk to Brian. It seems he thinks that there’s nothing anyone can do about it now, it’s a done deal.