Lizzie’s worried about her heart and Clarrie prays that it can’t get any worse.

Radio Times: Nigel looks ahead.

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  • Clarrie’s in church praying quietly and wondering whether her God has had enough of seeing them suffering or whether, good people that she’s sure they are, can expect any more. Jill finds her there and offers small solace, words just aren’t enough but, after Friday and one of the worst days of her life, Clarrie’s happy that she has friends and there being only one way to go now – up.
  • Lizzie’s feeling a little left out of the planning for the re-opening of Lower Loxley in its new guise as country museum and such. Beverley (the temporary manager) and Nigel are planning a large country fair for the second May Bank Holiday, while Lizzie’s very busy with the twins. And busy with worrying about her checkup with the cardiologist on Wednesday – she knows that the operation on her leaky heart valve is necessary, but she’s still very worried,
  • Jill picks up on David and Ruth’s thoughts on another baby, although she doesn’t express an opinion. She is worried, though, about the Grundys – can it get any worse?