The Grange Farm sale and is the lowest days in the litany of bad Grundy days?

Radio Times: The Grundy farm sale takes place.

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  • Joe and Eddie are doing the milking together, both coming to terms that this will be the last time for a while and the stock will be elsewhere by the end of the day. Eddie’s still shocked, but they’ve always managed before and, while it’s more serious than before, they’ll get back on their feet again. Joe praises him for the single best move in his life – marrying Clarrie.
  • They are all getting support sympathy from friends. From Mike and Lynda who have first hand experience in bankruptcy and from the likes of Tony and David who are there to buy something – anything – from the auction, if nothing else than to show support in the only meaningful way.
  • As the last of the auctioned lots leave the farm, the place feels like after a funeral, silence and the absolute lowest ebb. With only William’s Baby Spice left, Grange Farm is a one cow herd. Joe, Eddie and Clarrie are left alone:to weep, to console, to be together.